The crazy new plastic surgery trend that lets you test out breast implants with saline injections that last 24-hours

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Ever feel like there was just something missing from your new bikini? It's your favorite color, it flatters your butt and never gives you a front-wedgie, and yet you'd like your girls to be a little more showy. For those for whom ruffles, push-up tops, and even gel inserts aren't enough, now you can get a temporary boob job to inflate your balloons for a day. (And we thought we'd heard it all with the new bra surgery promising permanently perky boobs!) With the new procedure, doctors simply inject saline directly into your breasts, instead of confining the saline to a bag like in a traditional implant. Viola, insta-knockers!

The 24-hour tatas, courtesy of Norman Rowe, M.D., will set you back between $2,500 and $3,500 dollars-for breasts that will slowly deflate as the saline is absorbed into your body. Just... why? Rowe, who coined the term "vacation breasts" as he's trying to come up with a version that will last up to two weeks, says it's a way for women to try out implants without making a commitment. He adds, a bit nonsensically, "It's for the women who don't have time for implants."

While it's true that traditional implants require major surgery (and recovery), if you're so concerned about time, these temporary torpedoes seem particularly impractical. Would you have to bring a series of progressively smaller bras on vacay? Pack two different-sized party dresses? What happens to all the saline-do you just have to pee a lot more? And how on earth do you explain your deflating dumplings to your significant other? (Before going under the knife, read 12 Things Plastic Surgeons Wish They Could Tell You.)

Forget the time though, who has the money or desire to get painful injections only to go from busting-out-of-your-ballgown Cinderella to flat-chested chambermaid at midnight? File this one under: confused.