Trimming my debt

In an earlier blog, I wrote about how I'm working hard to pay off a large amount of debt and better my financial situation. I've since downgraded to basic cable and a lower-priced cell phone plan, and put my Netflix account on hold. Those three actions are saving me about $85 a month, but I decided to take an even bigger step: I'm renting out my two-bedroom condo and moved into a smaller-and much less expensive-studio apartment in trendy Northwest Portland. I love the space and the neighborhood, and it's less than two miles from the restaurant I work at, so I can ride my bike (bonus calorie burn!) or, when the weather is bad, take the free streetcar. Not only will I be saving tons of money in parking and gas, I'll also have an extra $300 a month to put toward my debt. Getting this situation under control feels amazing.

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