By Karen Borsari
September 09, 2011

We all know fit and fabulous Angelina Jolie has a tat or two and Kat Von D is covered in ink but did you know sweet starlet (and SHAPE covergirl) Vanessa Hudgen's has a sizeable tattoo? Even Glee's resident goodie-two-shoes Lea Michele has two! This got us wondering, what other fit celebs have added a little art to their well-toned bodies? Check out our celebrity tattoo gallery and find out who has what, and where!

Get a tight, toned body faster with these 22 "men's"exercises that women should do. And before you get up in (well-toned) arms we know lots of women already do them and kick butt in the weight room-we do a few ourselves! But in case you've avoided them for fear of bulking up or not wanting to train with the boys we're here to put your fears at ease. Read on to see what we mean!

Some of these inked stars may surprise you.

Train like a dude to tighten and tone your whole body faster. You won't bulk up-promise!

Don't waste time and money looking for the best products through trial and error-we did it for you. Look your best with these 16 SHAPE-approved products.

Can't make it through the morning without your daily java? Sip on these drinks for a pick-me-up and some surprising health perks!

Get your nutritional nerd on with these handy infographics.

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