This week was the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars and we were glued to our TV sets so we decided to bring you everything you need to know about DWTS 2011. Here, we share our predictions for the season and a recap of the Dancing with the Stars 2011 season premiere. Plus, did you check out the audience? It may have been more star-studded than the stage! Courteney Cox, Khloé, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian and more. Find out who else was in the audience and what one sister told Bruno he needs to do in the middle of scoring.

We all can't dance six hours a day so what do we want from our real life workout routines? To get results without spending hours in the gym each week. We show you how to speed up your workout results. Plus, ditch the baggie of cereal and sugary granola bar in your gym bag and toss in one of these 9 highly portable, high-protein, low-carb snacks. And in case your man is no Maksim Chmerkovsky learn how he may be messing with your metabolism and how to fix it.

We rank our favorite dances from the first episode of DWTS season 13. Plus, get the final scores for all the entire Dancing with the Stars cast.

A star-studded audience and a little bad behavior may just make this season of Dancing with the Stars.

Slow down your workout to speed up your results.

Put down the granola bar and pick up one of these highly portable, high protein snacks.

Avoid packing on the relationship pounds when you always eating with your man.

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