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Ever wonder how ET host Samantha Harris maintains her sleek physique-especially with such a busy schedule? We do! That's why we asked her what she eats to stay slim and energized. She shared her go-to foods and her secret weapon-snacks! Find out which ones she reaches for when she, and her family, need an energy boost. Then find out how fellow mom Sarah Jessica Parker balances a fast-paced career and family life. After a sneak peak at I Don't Know How She Does It we sat down with the star and found out how she does it, even if it means showing up to school in pink slippers every once in a while….

Don't commit a fashion faux pas of your own! What you wear speaks volumes about who you are, right down to your undies. Find out what your bra says about your personality and find the "proper support." Then upgrade your look with the hottest nail trends from New York Fashion Week 2011 and once you're done with all of that reach for one of these late night snacks that won't derail your diet.

Samantha Harris shares the diet that keeps her, and her family, looking and feeling good.

Sarah Jessica Parker on her new movie I Don't Know How She Does It and trying to do it all in her own life.

The undergarments you choose can be pretty revealing…about your personality. Find the bra that gives you the proper "support."

8 healthy ways to satisfy your post-dinner hunger.

Impress your friends with these fun and stylish nail trends from New York Fashion Week.

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