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Top Water Bottles for Active Chicks

Best Dressed: Waterbox Bottle

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These Waterbox Bottles (prices vary at retailers) are so funky and fresh, we had to include them on our list of best water bottles. Pick one from Waterbox’s The Artist Collection that suits your personality—it’ll be like a traveling (and hydrating) work of art.

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The Bottle in Disguise: Vapur Anti-Bottle

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This water bottle pick is not a bottle at all, but it’s just as useful. The Vapur Anti-Bottle ($9.99 to $15.99 at Vapur) is a foldable, reusable, washable, freezable container with three layers of ultra-durable plastic. Put your water in it and when done, you can easily stash it away in your pocket or bag.

Simplest Design: Klean Kanteen

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Not only do we love the look of the Klean Kanteen ($22.95 to $27.95 depending on size at, we are grateful for the features it boasts. This essential water bottle will keep your water cold for up to 24 hours, but it can also keep your liquid hot for up to 6 hours. Each is made out of 18/8, food-grade stainless steel and are toxin-free.

Undercover Agent: Contigo’s Kangaroo

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Ideal for travelers or people who don’t feel like carrying a wallet, we love Contigo’s Kangaroo Water Bottle ($12.99 at because of its cool compartment! Use it to store cash, your keys, anything that can fit!

Perfect for Your Daily Cup of Joe: Biologic Vacuum Flask

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The Biologic Vacuum Flask ($29.99 at is the first vacuum-insulated, bottle cage compatible, one-hand operable bottle out there. Its SipSpout top is engineered for hot coffee and tea—so you can bring your morning coffee in this during a leisurely ride around town.

The Charitable Bottle that’s Easy to Wash: Clean Bottle

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We love the practical feature on the Clean Bottle ($9.95): it has a screw top and bottom for easy cleaning, and is sealed using silicone washers to make it leak proof. Genius, right? Even better, 10 percent of all Clean Bottle profits are donated to eco-friendly charities, like, Engineers Without Borders, and the Nature Conservancy—just to name a few.

Rough and Tough: Mizu M8

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We live the simple design on this Mizu M8 ($19.95 at It houses 800mL of liquid, to be exact, and has a no-frills, no-fuss exterior that will make you feel like you’re the toughest girl at the gym. But if you appreciate colors, there are also blue, brown, white, gray, and purple options.

For Fabulous Fitness Fiends: S'well

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Admit it, you’re fancy. Even though we’re talking about water bottles here, you won’t settle for anything less than fabulous. That’s where S’well ($35 to $40 at comes in. These high-quality stainless steel containers are not only toxin-free, they’ve been designed with style in mind.

Most Transparent: Hydros Bottle

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We just love how you can see everything inside this Hydros Bottle ($29.99 at And the best part is, all you have to do is fill it with tap water and the cap will filter it for you! Its filter reduces chlorine, chloramines and particulates from tap water quicker than that filtering pitcher you have.

The Most Versatile: Sip N’ Go

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The Sip N’ Go ($7.99 at might be confused with something a kid would have in his or her lunchbox, but we love it because it’s just that cute. It’s also one of the most portable finds on our roster—not only does it collapse, it also snaps so you can fold it and carry it with its attached ring.

Smartest: HydraCoach

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You’ll know what we mean when you use the HydraCoach ($29.99 at It’s the first interactive water bottle that comes with a personal hydration monitor and drink monitor. This smart bottle will also tell you about your average consumption, and provides a time and sip tracker. It’s ideal for the serious fitness nut.

Personality Plus: KOR Hydration Vessel

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We just love the KOR Delta Hydration Vessel ($22.95 at because of it’s unique shape and high-performance offerings. The on-the-go vessel is easy to open, comes with a push-button cap and an ergonomic handle. What’s not to love?!

Cutest: Swiggies

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Before you make fun of us for calling a water bottle “cute,” here us out. Just take a look at these Swiggies ($12.95 for the adult size at Not only is the name of the water bottle cute, they look the part, too. You can also get them for your kiddies for the same price.

Filter Favorite: Bobble

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Choose from small, medium, or large in a variety of colors, the super-funky-looking Bobble ($8.99 to $12.99 depending on size at will come with your first filter. You can easily order replacement on their site—they’ll even remind you when it’s time.

The Earthy Pick: Bamboo Bottle

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Although the Bamboo Bottle ($25 at is not really meant for fitness buffs, who’s to say that earthy girls don’t hit the gym? This water bottle is actually made from Phyllostachys Pubescens bamboo (also known as Moso and Mau Tzu). FYI, eco-friendly folks, harvesting bamboo minimally impacts wildlife.


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