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Before You Buy New Running Shoes, Check This Site


Want to find your favorite running shoes in a matter of seconds, for the cheapest price available on the Internet? (Yeah, we have no idea who would say no to that either.) Meet ShoeKicker, the just-launched (still in beta) site described as the Orbitz of running shoes. It's designed to search the web high and low to find you the cheapest pair of kicks based on brand, model, and size.

And it's really that simple. Just enter your favorite brand and model of shoe (it even autofills for you to make it just that much easier) plus your size and the database instantly compares the prices of more than 10,000 shoe models from 14 shoe brands and 17 retailers. It then delivers a site-by-site price comparison of all the places that sell the exact shoe you're looking for, so you can snag a new pair at the best price quickly and easily. (Wondering if it's time to replace those old sneaks yet? Find out When to Retire Your Running Shoes.)

As you may have predicted, independent running specialty stores weren't exactly thrilled by the idea of a site that seems to steal away customers from local business, Runner's World reports. However, ShoeKicker does have plans to work with local stores so they can coexist in harmony. 

"Our job is to connect a runner to the best inventory, and if it happens that a specific model only exists in a specialty running store, we would love to point that runner to the local store,” said founder Imran Khoja.

However, at it's core, Khoja said that the site was created for people like him who run in a specific shoe model that can be hard to find in stores. That is, it's built for those with an unwavering loyalty to a particular shoe who have no interest in trying out the new bells and whistles that may come out on the market. (Check out the Two Game-Changing Qualities Your Running Shoes Should Have.)

Not sure what type of sneaker you want or need? Or looking to find something suited to your individual running goals, foot type, and gait? Head to the experts at your local specialty running shop. Or check out The Best Sneakers to Crush Your Workout Routines.


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