By Jamie Edge
October 24, 2011

Running Diva Mom initially started two years ago as a personal log of my training and race experiences, so that I could watch my personal progression over time. I chose the blog name because of my passion for making a healthy and active lifestyle, not only for myself, but for my entire family. I also wanted to incorporate my bold fashion sense that I express in everyday life and out on the road (think running skirts, knee high socks, brightly colored headbands and mascara that runs...literally). I didn't think that anyone else would even read my ramblings.

Now it has become a way for me to connect with other runners and mothers from all over the world, as we learn from each other how to balance family, work, and living a healthy and active lifestyle. I enjoy sharing my passion and my experiences, and I hope that other mothers will see just how important is to take time for themselves every single day. As a newly single mother of two, balancing everything has become even more challenging. I continue to stress that it is difficult to be selfish, but not impossible, and you and your children will benefit from it. After experiencing a divorce earlier this year and starting my new beginning with my children, I have used my running and the journaling on my blog as my therapy. The outlet and the support system I've gained from it have both been a tremendous blessing in my life. And despite my personal obstacles, I believe that my blog has helped hold me accountable for my previously set goals for the year – as I've already surpassed my goal of running twelve half-marathons this year.

Additionally, my children and I now review products and services that are geared toward active families. We spotlight everything from running gear to healthy food options to unique children's clothing and toys. You may even win a thing or two in one of our fabulous giveaways.

Stop by Running Diva Mom when your busy schedule allows and gather some quick motivation, pick up some tips on balancing motherhood and training, and check out some really fun and unique products- you're worth it!