Erin and I have long been fitness buds. We met when we were both writing for a magazine publishing company in the Kansas City area and quickly noticed big similarities in our lives: We both lived in Lawrence, Kansas, while our boyfriends were attending graduate school, and we were both enduring a lengthy and boring 50-minute commute. We soon became carpooling buddies, and then started walking together over lunch, going to Zumba classes and generally keeping each other motivated to work out.

During this time, I - to be honest - had a bit of an existential crisis about my place in the world. Unfulfilled by working in a cube yet a bit disillusioned about working in health clubs (I'm a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor), I really felt that a sane and realistic approach to fitness that was approachable and fun was lacking for women. I wanted women to understand that their worth is not tied to a number on the scale and that being active and feeding your body nutritious foods is really a gateway to having a better life all around. It's not about sweating it out at the gym or being perfect. It's about truly living your best life. As soon as I talked Erin into joining me down the crazy path of starting Fit Bottomed Girls to get this message out, everything really just clicked.

Fit Bottomed Girls isn't just about the size of our (or our readers') rears. Instead, being an FBG is more of a mindset. We always say that fit bottoms come in all shapes and sizes, so it's not about looks but how you treat yourself that matters. Being an FBG means that you love yourself unconditionally, talk to yourself like you would a best friend, consistently choose healthy foods that you love, and move your body regularly. It's all about feeling good and doing what you love.