Since I was a little girl, my family nickname has been Bender. I do not know why or how this nickname came to be, but I do know it originated from my mom, who has always loved calling her children by the wackiest and most nonsensical names imaginable. I also know that it has managed to endure for more than twenty years. It's safe to say it's here to stay!

When I created Eating Bender back in March of 2008, I realized that the word bender also signifies a spree, and so the idea of creating a blog dedicated to "a lifelong healthy living spree" was born. Bonus points for being able to use it as a pun! (Stick around long enough and you'll realize that my love of puns extends far beyond the word bender.)

More than three years later, Bender has become an even bigger part of who I am. It has also been expanded to include my entire family. Papa Bender is infamous in the kitchen. Mama Bender is an up-and-coming culinary sensation. Baby Bender is the world's best brother. The only person who has escaped this nickname is my husband, Bobby…for now.

Eating Bender was created out of a passion for food, nutrition and wellness. It is meant to serve as a place where I can share pieces of my life, ranging from food and restaurant reviews to meals, recipes and – when I'm not hungry – fitness and general life ponderings. When I'm not running two businesses, I am working on my first novel. Needless to say, I like to keep myself busy, and I look forward to sharing more on all of these topics with you!

My goal is to create a gathering of people who can look to each other for answers and advice on anything and everything food and (non-)fiction, whether it is the best way to prepare risotto or the newest bestseller on bookshelves. I'm always up for chatting, so please stop by and say hello!