As a beauty editor, I sometimes have to remind myself not to take things too seriously. The other day I became concerned with the tiny hairs on my fingers. Mind you, I'm not a Hobbit or anything, but because I've been having laser hair removal treatments on my legs and underarms, I've suddenly become hyper-aware of every hair on my body. At 31 years of age, no one has ever noticed these little hairs, and they have never bothered me until now.

I am inundated day after day with pitches for beauty and health products for every part of my body. Products that are guaranteed to make my life better, make people love me, make people envious of me, make me more attractive to men, or simply to make me feel better about myself. That's all fine and dandy, but when it comes down to it, no product can do all those things.

By far, the best beauty product is a dose of self-confidence and a smile! It might sound cheesy, but who would you rather hang out with? The skinny, model-pretty girl who sulks in the corner and complains constantly? Or the average girl-next-door who makes you laugh and can light up a room with her smile? I know who has my vote.I'm not giving up my makeup any time soon. But, taking my own advice, I am hereby giving myself permission to have hair on my fingers. And, to take a deep breath, chill out and smile.