By Megan McCormack
October 20, 2011

My sister and I always wanted to own a business together. Since we haven't lived in the same state for almost 10 years, that hasn't been possible, but Double Coverage gives us a chance to work on something together and talk about the things that we love. Although it's not what we intended, Double Coverage has turned into our own feminist manifesto, as inequalities of female fans and female sports writers have unfortunately popped up this NFL season. We are fans because we love football, and we refuse to accept that we can't "play with the boys" when it comes to analyzing and following our team, the Packers.

Plus, it's fun! We don't take ourselves too seriously (We don't take much seriously now that I think about it.) One thing that's been especially fun is seeing how many other female NFL fans who are out there. It's not a surprise - women make up more than 40 percent of NFL fans - but it's been great to connect and build community. The only difference between female football fans and male fans is that people are surprised when they find out you're passionate about it. Surprise! We wear hot pink shoes, shop as if it's a sport unto itself, bake and love football. And we're not alone.

So, let's talk about the new sugar cookie recipe we just tried or whether the Packers need to pick up a new offensive lineman. We're up for either.