Although Makeup Files was born in April 2008 based purely on my love for makeup, over time, it's grown into something much more than product reviews and eye shadow tutorials. After listening to my readers and my own feelings, I realized that beauty is about a lot more than just makeup or skincare routines. Beauty is an all-encompassing human trait. Those who are truly beautiful have everything: outer beauty, inner beauty, confidence, self-esteem, and physical and mental health. All lead to a truly beautiful person, inside and out.

Once I realized this, I couldn't just talk about makeup anymore. While that's still the main focus of my blog (after all, it is called Makeup Files!), I wanted to empower my readers to work on all aspects of their beauty. To me, this idea of all-encompassing beauty is the key to a healthy lifestyle. It's something I strive for every day. After all, beauty is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

Five Ways I Believe Beauty Can Be Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

1. Focus on your body as a whole. Using beauty products of all kinds will keep you focused on the health of all body parts, including your hair, skin and teeth. And don't forget about those elbows!

2. Don't be afraid of getting fit. Some women stay away from the gym because they're afraid they'll look terrible. If you really need it, you can put on some tinted lip balm and a super cute coordinated workout outfit to feel cuter. Don't use lack of heavy makeup as an excuse not to stay healthy! You can even look cute while jogging.

3. Use makeup to improve your mood. Have you ever gotten a boost to your confidence just by sporting a bold red lip? I have, too! A positive attitude is a huge step toward a healthy lifestyle.

4. Know when to take it off. No, I'm not talking about a nude beach. A truly confident and healthy woman can go out without the comfort of a layer of makeup. If the prospect frightens you, vow to go to the grocery store this weekend without a stitch of mascara on. You're beautiful without it.

5. You're a total package. As you strive to be the best you, beauty will come into play. Work on your self-esteem. Learn new makeup tricks. Wear clothes that flatter your unique and beautiful figure. Eat right and exercise so you're at your purest. You'll be unstoppable.

Come visit me at Makeup Files to talk about makeup, beauty and anything else on your mind. I'll be waiting!