You Told Us: What Unhealthy Habit Has Been the Hardest to Break?


Confession time! I have a lot of really bad habits. There, I said it. I bite my nails (it's why I can never have acrylics, sigh), I have a tendency to put a load of laundry in the washing machine and then promptly forget about it, so it ends up just sitting in the machine for an hour or two, and I also have this habit of just kicking my shoes off right by my front door when I arrive home, instead of placing them back in the closet, so at the end of the week, I have an entire pile of different shoes just taking up space by my front door. But while those habits are irritating, especially for the people around me (sorry, guys), they're not particularly unhealthy. Oh wait, I have one of those too! One genuinely unhealthy habit I just can't seem to give up? Mindless eating! Whenever I'm parked in front of the TV or in front of my laptop surfing the Internet, I just feel like I need to have something to munch on. Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels that way!

We wanted to hear from our readers, so we asked Facebook users and some of our favorite bloggers to tell us what's been the hardest unhealthy habit to break. Here's what they had to say:

"Sweets! Oh my gosh, it's been terrible. My only problem right now is trying to fight those sweet cravings. I try to eat a piece of fruit or something, but it rarely satisfies my cravings."

- Melissa Medina, Facebook user

"The unhealthy habit that has been hardest for me to break is my digital addiction to people who are bad for me. My phone is an extension of my person and when someone texts, e-mails, calls or tweets me I feel this uncontrollable urge to respond back to them. This becomes most detrimental when they are the most horrible person on earth or even worse, my ex-boyfriend. Or this guy I gave my number last night. I should ignore his text because he looks like Uncle Fester with the flu. Instead, I text him back something vague like 'Just chillin.' Now, I have a certified digital stalker. Great job, Adena!"

-Adena Andrews, of

"Late night, after-dinner cravings. I'm very disciplined all day, and then around 8 p.m., I'm headed to the fridge."

-Gena Hondrogiannis, Facebook user.

"The hardest unhealthy habit to give up was snacking on something sweet mid-afternoon when I'm not really hungry, but still have an appetite (and I always have an appetite for something sweet!). I've learned to schedule an activity during that time if I can (I usually take my dogs for a walk these days in the afternoons) or drink a big cup of green tea and ask myself if I'm really hungry before I move to a snack."

- Ricki of Diet, Dessert and Dogs

"Probably talking myself down. I've started to try and talk myself up when I'm at the gym, and I leave in a better mood than when I came. What a difference healthy thoughts can do for you!"

- Marissa Nelson, Facebook user

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