Lindsay Lohan's Favorite Way to 'Release' Is Running On the Treadmill

Learn more about the star's self-care practices and the benefits of running on the treadmill.

Lindsay Lohan
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These days, Lindsay Lohan's self-care habits include going to bed early, cooking, meditating, and running on the treadmill. The actress opened up about how she takes care of herself in her recent cover story with Cosmopolitan.

On a typical night at home, Lohan is likely in the kitchen. "I cook a lot," she told Cosmo. She enjoys making a variety of cuisines, including Italian ("I do a lot of pastas") and Arabic (particularly, chicken and vegetable dishes called machboos). Plus, she makes "a really good borscht soup," she said. The actress also gets meal ideas from the Instagram account @EatingHealthyToday, she shared.

Then, she's doing her best to get seven to eight hours of sleep. That usually means lights out at 9:30 p.m., which is "really early," admitted Lohan. "I like my sleep and feel better when I get it." (Read more: How Much Deep Sleep Do You Need Each Night?)

But what's most important to Lohan when it comes to self care is exercise and meditation. The Freaky Friday star meditates in the mornings — in the shower, to be specific. She also enjoys a good cardio session. "I love running on treadmills; it's my favorite way to just release," she told the magazine.

Lohan is certainly on to something. Running, whether you do it outside or in the gym, releases endorphins (mood-boosting hormones), reports the Mayo Clinic. In addition to the mental health perks, running is also associated with reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease, helps strengthen bones, and works your leg and core muscles, previously reported Shape.

Running on the treadmill, specifically, has some benefits as well. For instance, a treadmill's running belt softens the impact of each stride (compared to landing on pavement) for a more joint-friendly workout, Erin Beck, NASM-CPT and director of training and experience for STRIDE Fitness, previously told Shape. "Treadmill training can be beneficial for runners because you're running on a softer surface with less impact to the body in each step," she said.

A treadmill also allows you to have more control over your workout. You can set your pace and you don't have to worry about taking a break at a red light, pointed out Beck. Oh, and there's no chance of rain, snow, or extreme heat when running in a gym rather than outdoors, where the weather may play a role in your sweat session.

Additionally, there aren't cars, bike riders, or other safety hazards when running inside. "Being in a controlled environment doesn't negate you from injury, but it does minimize the likelihood of you getting into an accident with a bike or pedestrian," Percell Dugger, C.S.C., C.F.S.C., a USATF-certified running coach and NIKE running coach, previously told Shape.

If you want to take a page from Lohan's book and add treadmill running to your workout routine, check out this 30-day treadmill workout challenge.

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