‘Quadruple Threat’ Linsey Davis Shares How Running Strengthened Her Career

The news anchor explains how running broadened her career, became a fun hobby with her husband, and evolved into the ultimate form of self-care.

Linsey Davis Interview/Shape Half Host Announcement

ABC News Live

ABC News Live anchor Linsey Davis does it all. Often referred to as a ‘quadruple threat’ for her work across four mediums — streaming news, television, radio, and print —Davis amazingly finds time in her packed schedule to run. A lot. 

Shape sat down with Davis to chat about her love of running, her upcoming “Race to November” series, and even her favorite running route. Spoiler alert: it’s NYC’s Central Park, the location of the upcoming Shape + Health Women’s Half-Marathon, where Davis will again—act as host— to thousands of enthusiastic runners.

Run the Shape + Health Women’s Half Marathon on Sunday, April 30th, 2023 in NYC’s Central Park. Register here.

Why Davis Loves Racing

As a seasoned marathoner, Davis thrives on the positive vibes and general energy associated with races. She’s enthusiastically looking forward to toeing the starting line with thousands of runners on Sunday, April 30th. “I love motivating other runners and getting them excited for this big accomplishment,” says Davis. “I am so impressed with how people doing races make the commitment and I can’t wait to hype up the crowd and celebrate this accomplishment with all participants.”

Speaking of commitments, Davis and her husband, Paul Roberts, have made an incredible undertaking as a couple. ICYMI, they’ve been chronicling their quest to run a race in every state on Instagram via #runninghalveswithmybetterhalf.

Her Quest to Run a Race in Each State

With 37 half marathons down and 13 to go, the active couple is making great progress. “In April, we will run a half-marathon in our 38th state, which is Kansas. My favorite race so far was in Vermont. It was a covered bridge race, so it was so quaint and beautiful,” recounts Davis. She explains that these races offer a joyous reprieve from typical work travel and an awesome bonding opportunity for her and Paul. “My favorite part of this adventure is seeing our country in a different way. When I travel to a new state or city in America, it is often to report on a tragedy or breaking news for ABC News Live or one of our network programs. This is a way for me to see the country in a new, extremely fun way.” 

Her Advice for Newbies

While she has clocked hundreds of miles across the country and in various states, Davis encourages those who are just getting started on their half marathon-racing journey. “Running a half-marathon is all mind over matter,” she says. “Once you make the decision to run, and commit to the race, your body will follow. And take water breaks!” Formulating a training plan, carving out time to run, and prioritizing recovery are also key for any runner looking to run a half marathon.

With a busy schedule, Davis typically makes time to sneak in a run during the afternoon. “My weekly goal is to run 16 miles per week, divided up in different ways depending on my schedule. In the winter, the treadmill is my best friend, but [in] all other seasons I train outside.” With New York City as her home, and Central Park as her backyard, there are plenty of paths, trails, and streets to log those miles.

 “Running a half-marathon is all mind over matter,” she says. “Once you make the decision to run, and commit to the race, your body will follow.” 

Excitement and enthusiasm replace typical race day jitters for Davis. “Before a race, I get myself in a good headspace and get excited, then muscle memory kicks in,” she explains. “After the race is where my real routine begins. I immediately shower, take a 40-minute nap, and then eat a huge meal. That’s the best part!”  

Running as a Form of Self-Care

Obviously, Davis does much more than run. She not only hosts ABC News Live's evening news program, “Prime with Linsey Davis,” but she is also a bestselling children's book author, an anchor for World News Tonight on the weekend, a host for a drive-time show on ABC News radio, and a contributor to Good Morning America and Nightline. Despite her crazy schedule, she is able to maintain a healthy routine. “Admittingly, sleep can be tough as I’m a working mom, and spend long days 6 times a week in-studio,” says Davis. “But my number one wellness practice is running. It gives me peace of mind and helps me clear my head. I run at least 4x a week and it physically, emotionally, and mentally helps me to reset.”

Linsey's Running Must-Haves

  • Pre-race Meal: banana and water
  • Favorite Running Shoes: Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next
  • Favorite Way to Cross-Train: tennis and swimming

Running is a physical and emotional outlet for Davis and also serves as her definition of self-care. “It’s different for everyone,” she comments. “But for me, [self-care] means listening to my body and doing what makes me feel good mentally, physically and emotionally…which is usually running as that allows me to get into my best headspace.”

How Davis Merged Her Love of Running and Journalism

The ultimate athlete, Davis literally took her career to the next level by combining her two passions: running and journalism. During the midterm elections in 2022, she debuted her “Race to November” series on ABC News Live “Prime with Linsey Davis,” where she interviewed candidates like Beto O'Rourke while on a run.

Introducing the element of running and physical activity (some segments were even filmed while kayaking) during an interview soon became Davis’ preferred style. “This is my favorite style of interviewing, and a true testament of the creativity of ABC News Live because it bypasses the traditional, sometimes rigid, sit-down, or talking head type of interview,” explains Davis. “The activity brings out more of the subject’s personality and viewers get to know the candidates as people rather than only hearing about their platforms. It also brings out a little competition and fun and allows for humanizing the people behind the politics.”

If you’re a runner, you might understand how chatting side-by-side with a running buddy can facilitate much easier, open, and natural conversation, compared to sitting face-to-face over coffee. Her “running buddies” just happen to be high-profile political figures. These active conversations add depth to her work and invite viewers to see a different side of the political figures: their identity as an athlete.

“The physical activity element allows for glimpses into their personalities that you wouldn’t see on their campaign trail or in traditional interviews. For example, a few interviewees were more competitive [than] others, one was kind enough to slow down a bit so I could catch up. We often weren’t talking about red vs. blue politics so I was able to gain a better appreciation for my guests as people rather than politicians.”

What's Next for Davis?

More running, of course. “My husband and I are hoping to round out our races in 50 states goal by ending in Hawaii as our final, 50th state in 2024.” Aloha! And, FTR, she’s fast. What’s her best half marathon time? “2 hours and 2 minutes,” she says. “It would have been shorter but my husband wanted to hold hands while crossing the finish line.”

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