June 23, 2009

This month, my biggest nightmare came true: I got on the scale after a few weeks and discovered that I'd gained back seven pounds. I was horrified, but not surprised. It had been an extremely stressful month and I'd fallen back into a lot of my old bad eating habits (mostly involving ice cream-lots and lots of ice cream...). Because I've been consistently losing weight since I started writing this diary-even when I've been under a crazy deadline or hurt my ankle and couldn't exercise-I started thinking I could get away with slacking on my workouts and cheating on my diet. But this month, the scale made it clear that I won't keep seeing results if I don't stick to my program. While it's discouraging and embarrassing to have this setback recorded in a national magazine, the public pressure will help me nip my weight gain in the bud. Just wait and see!