This Fuss-Free Lululemon Bra Actually Makes Me Want to Work Out — and It's on Sale

No more fighting to squeeze into your sports bra.

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Lululemon Sports Bra
Courtesy of Lululemon.

I used to dread my workouts, but not because of the actual exercising part. No, it was the part when I’d get dressed for my workout that I hated the most, because I’d squander all my energy in attempting to put on my sports bra. Surely, you’ve experienced this? The fight to get a tiny, elastic garment over your head, past your shoulders and around your arms? It requires nothing less than acrobatic moves, and once on, double-jointed limbs to de-twist and reconfigure. The process is a workout in itself, and one I’ve certainly never signed up for on MindBody. 

For years I fought the sports bra fight before every workout — and then again in reverse with the added challenge of stickiness as I’d peel the bra off my sweaty bod. Every time I did this, I wondered, naturally, why sports bras have to be designed like this. Well, they don’t. A few years ago I was introduced to Lululemon’s In Alignment Straight-Strap Bra, which has a hook-and-eye in the back. Yes, just like a regular bra — no acrobatic moves necessary to get it on, no energy squandered. It’s completely fuss-free, which makes me more inclined to get into my workout clothes so I can do the (actual) exercising part. 

In Alignment Straight-Strap Bra Light Support, C/D Cup

Buy It: Lululemon In Alignment Straight-Strap Bra, $49, was $68,

In Alignment Straight-Strap Bra Light Support, C/D Cup


Buy It: Lululemon In Alignment Straight-Strap Bra, $49, was $68,

Unlike other sports bras, the In Alignment bra doesn’t have one-too-many straps or wonky padding to smooth out — it just has two adjustable straps and thin cups that stay put (but can be removed, if you prefer). Made from Lulu’s iconic buttery-smooth fabric, it’s available in sizes 2 to 14 and designed for low-impact activities; Lululemon notes that it provides light support if you’re a C or D cup. Since it’s so comfy and easy to get on, it’s become my go-to bra for every single workout. (Here’s how to choose the perfect sports bra.)

Naturally, I’ve shouted about this invention from the rooftops (read: in my group chats), but a few of my friends have been quick to blow the whistle. While they agree clip-back bras are the least annoying style to put on, they say pullover bras tend to offer better support — something my A-cups and I don’t know too much about. But, if you’re willing to sacrifice some support for the convenience of a clip-closure, I recommend adding Lululemon’s In Alignment Straight-Strap Bra to your cart ASAP while it’s on sale for $49. 

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