I Own 10+ Pairs of Lululemon Leggings, but This Is the One I Reach for the Most

One word: pockets.

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Lululemon Leggings
Courtesy of Lululemon.

We can all probably agree that Lululemon, the OG activewear brand, has mastered the legging game. Do you know how many styles it has produced? Neither do I, but I know it's a lot — and that they come in a variety of fabrics and designs, all of which inevitably sell out. I know this because I own at least 10 of them. Although all of the Lululemon leggings I own are comfortable and in the same size and length, there's one pair that’s my go-to first pick, one that I reach for significantly more than the others: the Invigorate High-Rise Tight. There are so many reasons why I love this pair, but its barely-visible pockets, which are surprisingly practical, make my life so much easier. 

Lululemon Leggings
Courtesy of Lululemon.

Buy It: $99 (was $138), lululemon.com

I know what you’re thinking—who cares about pockets? Well, I do—and you will, too, once you’ve tried these. The pockets on these leggings are cargo-style, but aren’t bulky, and will hold all the items you always need to tote around but often don’t have a place for. (BTW: Amazon shoppers can't believe these ‘ridiculously comfortable’ high-waisted leggings cost just $25.)

When I'm wearing the Invigorate tights at home, I can use the pockets to store tissues on flu days or  lip balm on dry, winter days. When I'm going for a walk or to a workout class, I can use them to store my phone, credit card, and keys; no pocketed hoodie or tote bag necessary. In other words, with these pants, I’m not like one of those celebrities in paparazzi shots leaving a smoothie bar with half of their life belongings in one spread-eagled hand. Instead, these leggings allow me to be the bag-free, fuss-free girl I've always wanted to be.

While the pockets are the main reason I wear the Invigorate tights more than the others in my Lulu lineup, they aren’t the only reason. These tights are cut from “Everlux,” which, per the brand, is a breathable, fast-drying  trademarked fabric that’s made of a special nylon-elastane blend. Sure, it whisks away wetness, but more notably, it’s highly durable. My pair hasn’t weathered after repeated wears and washes like some of my others. Instead, they still look pristine.

Better yet, they're currently on sale — but I’m not the only one who loves these comfy-cute leggings. The Invigorate High-Rise Tights are selling out in nearly every color and size, so you’ll want to hop on this deal before the final pairs are gone. 

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