Lululemon’s Jennifer Aniston-Approved Fitness Mirror Ended My On-and-Off Relationship with Exercise

You can save $700 right now on the home gym system that finally got me hooked on working out.

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Lululemon Mirror Basic Tout


As a shopping editor who’s routinely written about the best fitness deals from across the internet, it’s hard to admit openly that I sometimes have a very hot-and-cold relationship with exercise. When I get into a funk that no HIIT class or jog through the park seems to cure, it’s easy for me to revert to the comforts of home — which is especially true this time of year. 

When I’m feeling up for it, I love the energy and atmosphere of a group fitness class with a knowledgeable instructor telling me what to do to achieve my goals. That’s why I jumped at the chance to test out The Mirror — the sleek-and-sophisticated piece of tech that offers in-home workout classes and has helped me maintain the most consistent workout routine of my life. Oh, and it’s on sale for $700 off right now.

Lululemon Mirror Basic


Buy It: $795, (was $1,495),

The mirror is designed to look like any other piece of decor when not in use — and it does this so well that I’ve even had several friends check their makeup in it without realizing what it was. But when it’s powered on, the lululemon Studio Mirror instantly transforms my living room into a Pure Barre class or a Rumble Boxing ring. There are more than 10,000 workouts available on the Mirror across 60 different workout genres. New classes are added weekly and a variety of live sessions are available every day, if you have a lululemon Studio membership (which is $39 per month). The Mirror has also graced the homes and workout spaces of Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon — which, of course, mattered just as much to me as this list of impressive specs.

Workouts span anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes long, so not only is there a class for everyone, but there’s also a schedule for everyone — making it so much more likely that I’ll get a workout in on any given day. To be honest, there have been days when I’ve been sore, tired, or just not into it, and I’ve wanted to just make a beeline for the couch. On those days, I’ve opted for light, 10-minute stretching sessions that have raised my heart rate and mood enough that, on several occasions, I ended up pairing those videos with 30-minute yoga flows. 

Taking these classes with other members’ stats, pictures, and locations from across the world scrolling across the bottom of my screen, combined with the energy, motivation, and clear instruction from a world-class instructor makes me never miss heading to an IRL workout class. There’s no place like home, and that’s especially true when I took an advanced (read: over my head) yoga class for the first time, which landed me on the floor (luckily, in the privacy of my own home). 

I also look forward to seeing my health score (a calculation that includes heart rate, muscle usage, and recovery time) update after every workout, and not only feel myself get physically stronger, but mentally more committed to myself, via this piece of equipment. When I first powered on my Mirror (the installation took all of five minutes after it was plugged in and attached the base, I chose a workout goal in the user-friendly app. As I get closer to it each day, I also feel more motivated to keep up with it after every class. 

If you’re ready to replace excuses and an unmotivated mindset with the feeling of hosting your favorite fitness studio in the comfort of your own home, it's time to shop the lululemon Studio Mirror now, while it's still $700 off. 

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