Amazon’s Best-Selling Deodorant Is on Sale — and Its Use Goes Way Beyond Underarms

Bye, boob sweat.

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Lume Deodorant

I discovered Lume deodorant in an unconventional manner: My aunt purchased a load of it for the holidays, and has been doling it out to virtually anyone who’s dropped by her house in the months since. I was handed a stick of Lume full-body deodorant in mid-January, upon stopping by her house with my mother (who, incidentally, had heard excellent things about the product). 

Lume is a full-body deodorant designed “for pits, privates, and beyond,” per the brand. Developed by an OBGYN, the formula is aluminum-free, and can be used virtually anywhere on the body to keep odors at bay. 

Since receiving Lume, I’ve swiped it across my body numerous times, typically in instances where full-body sweating is a distinct possibility — be it from nerves (public performances make me clammy), for actual physical activity, or in cases when I’m wearing shoes sans-socks. (With Lume, I sling my shoes off in carefree bliss upon entering friends’ apartments.)

Lume Whole Body Deodorant


Buy It: Lume Deodorant Stick, $17,

Similar to a conventional deodorant, Lume comes in a swipeable solid stick format. Alternatively, the formula is also available as a cream — dispensed, lotion-like, and from a squeeze tube. I’ve yet to try this rendition; FWIW, though, my mom prefers the cream. (A dollop can go from pits to feet — and everything in between — single-use style.) Despite the formulas’ textural differences, both states deliver identical odor-fighting benefits.

Lume Solid Deodorant Stick


Buy It: Lume Whole Body Deodorant Invisible Cream Tube $21 (was $36),

Namely, Lume can squelch odor for up to 72 hours (I’ve yet to test this claim, but it’s reassuring nevertheless, should I decide to take a three-day trip in the wilderness of some sort.) 

The formula is free from aluminum; it’s also devoid of baking soda, a common additive in natural deodorants (some people, including my mom, experience skin irritation from baking soda-based products, but she has no such issue with Lume). Designed to be seriously skin-safe, the formula is, instead, powered by mandelic acid. In addition to its mild exfoliating properties (it’s technically an alpha hydroxy acid, albeit among the most gentle of the bunch,) mandelic acid is antibacterial and antimicrobial — hence its presence in Lume’s odor-fighting formula. 

Available in numerous scents, I’m fond of the zesty, fresh tangerine version. I’ve also tried the rose rendition, which layers beautifully under delicate floral perfumes. Lume also comes in unscented, should you prefer a neutral malodor-fighter.

Lume is buzzy on Amazon, where it’s scattered throughout the deodorant category bestseller list. Specifically, the cream formula is an Amazon number one bestseller; the solid stick ranks third most popular. (Keep scrolling, and you’ll stumble upon other shopper-loved Lume products). In case you need more incentive to try Lume for yourself, consider its rave reviews: One shopper, who calls it “a miracle in a tube” says “Lume deodorant has literally changed my life!” Another, who loves Lume for “long, active days,” shares that it's the “only deodorant that could fight body odor for…almost 40 hours” during long-haul international travel. 

If you’re looking for an all-over, ultra-versatile deodorant, try Lume. After swiping it on perspiration-prone parts I’d previously ignored, I’m enlightened by a newfound sense of full-body freshness. I’m stocking up on Lume — and I totally understand why my aunt did the same.

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