August 07, 2010

It's no wonder that women have such distorted pictures of the ideal size, shape, and look they should want to achieve. With the onset of the recent Ann Taylor's ordeal with a magazine airbrushing her into a 'smaller size' to suit the mindset of their so-called audience appeal, I found myself asking myself and questioning what realness is anyway. Is what we see all there is?

Propaganda lurks everywhere. When people seek a quick fix to their initial goals of whatever they are trying to achieve, they miss out on the journey itself in achieving the success. Think about it...if there were a pill someone could take that would keep them a certain size people would be lined up for miles with money in hand and munchies in the other. The truth is, there isn't a magic wand. Most of the success stories you read about took years to reach.

In my entering my fifth year of my journey, I am so excited to be able to go for what I know I can achieve. Not only is it a blessing to get older without guilt, I have the ability within myself to change how 50 years old and older years have seemed to me in the past. I came across a story of a Swedish woman who is 73 years old and lifting weights. If you want to be inspired, read or google Wanja Sjodin. She is beautifully feminine and I can honestly say, she pumped me up into reemphasizing the knowing that I can go above and beyond the idea of what over 50 means and be fit into my 60's, 70's, 80's, and further. This excites me passionately because I try to live by the Buddhist proverb, "to live and die without regret." Melville once said that "the life half lived is the one wasted."

I challenge others to not limit themselves to what SOMEONE ELSE PERCEIVES AS RIGHT, but empower yourself to go BEYOND what others see and BECOME, as Gandhi said, "the change you wish to see within the world."

So my new goals are to do just that. And in 5 more years, when I look back at this moment, I will understand more of the quote from Homer who said, "It is the journey itself that makes up one's life."

Enjoy your journey.

Teri LaFaye



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