Didi Gluck, executive beauty director, mother of two. If something takes more than two seconds to figure out or use, chances are you won't find it in my beauty kit. Some of my recent faves include:

  • Goody's Ouchless Flex headbands ($3-$5; in drugstores). In my 38 years I've never been able to tolerate the brain-squeeze of a headband for more than about 5 minutes. But the tips of this band bend out slightly so they don't press too tightly. I've worn one for 48-hours straight now (yes, I even slept in it) and still feel comfortable!
  • Maybelline Lash Stilletto ($7; at drugstores). You've probably seen the ads featuring supermodel Julia Stegner and her miles-long lashes. I'm here to say that the lengthening brush and glop-free formula work wonders on mere mortals too. On a particularly busy day, all I do is slip in my headband and layer on a few coats of this mascara.