Meghan Trainor and Penn Badgley Just Did a Viral TikTok Dance Together

The video, set to "Made You Look," is a must watch.

Meghan Trainor and Penn Badgley
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Social media platforms, especially TikTok, hav a way of bringing together unlikely duos with song and dance. Case in point, Meghan Trainor and Penn Badgley recently teamed up for a choreographed number that you simply have to see to believe.

In a clip that currently has more than 17 million views the "All About That Bass" singer and Gossip Girl alum boogie in front of yellow wall. Trainor is in leggings and a pink sweatshirt while Badgley wears a gray sweater and a baseball cap reminiscent of what his character Joe Goldberg wears in his creepy Netflix show called You.

The dance is set to Trainor's recent hit song "Made You Look," which has quickly climbed the TikTok music charts as more and more app users try out the viral dance involving hip dips, shimmying, and head-bopping. Badgley's efforts are entertaining to watch to say the least, as he fumbles through some of the moves.

"I'm obsessed with YOU," writes Trainor in the caption of the TikTok post, playfully referencing Badgley's show, which has a new season airing in February 2023.

The video now has three million likes and tens of thousands of comments. Even some fellow celebs chimed in on the silly post. "Omg okay I'm jealous!" wrote Tia Mowry. "I'll keep practicing," added Kevin Bacon, who's certainly no stranger to picking up dance moves.

Trainor and Badgley paired up to promote an upcoming episode of the actor's podcast called Podcrushed featuring the singer. In case you're unfamiliar, the podcast hosted by Badgley shares celebrity interviews with a focus on stories from middle school, often involving heartbreak, self discovery, and (inherently) some embarrassing moments.

While it's unclear what Trainor will discuss on the podcast episode set to release on December 21, the singer is often an open book when it comes to typically taboo subjects.

Last year, she shared details about her difficult pregnancy and childbirth. At 16 weeks pregnant, she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which affects about six to nine percent of pregnant women. Then when it was time for delivery, she unexpectedly had to have a C-section because her baby was in a breech position (head up in the uterus), making vaginal birth more difficult and at times impossible.

Most recently, Trainor opened up about struggling with her body image as a new mom and how antidepressants have helped her deal with panic disorder. "When a doctor tells you there's something wrong with your brain it's the scariest thing ever, so I went on antidepressants and it saved my life," said Trainor during an Apple Fitness+ Time to Walk episode.

Until the new podcast episode drops, you can enjoy the performance from Trainor and Badgley on TikTok and maybe even give it a try for yourself.

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