New study finds people avoid talking to their doctor about depression because they don't want to be put on an antidepressant.

By Jennipher Walters
September 13, 2011

We all know that depression is not a condition to be taken lightly. However many who are suffering from depression are reluctant to seek treatment or help from their doctors. For years, researchers and health professionals believed that this was because of the stigma associated with depression. While that stigma is still there, a new study is pointing the finger at another reason why depressed patients don't get help from their doctors: antidepressants.

According to research published in the Annals of Family Medicine, a survey of 1,054 adults found that the main reason depressed patients don't talk to their family doctor was because they're afraid that they'll be given a prescription for an antidepressant. Of those studied, surveyed, 43 percent were hesitant to talk to their primary care physician about their depression symptoms, and more than 23 percent said they did not want to go on an antidepressant such as Wellbutrin, Prozac or Paxil.

With news like this on antidepressants, it's no wonder that people are reluctant to take them. However, researchers note that it's very important for those who are depressed to talk to their doctors and seek treatment, whether it's being put on antidepressants or not. Starting an exercise program is a good idea, too, as it's been shown to boost mood!


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