Why Naomi Watts Made a Beauty Brand for Women Leading Up to and During Menopause

The 54-year-old actress didn't see any beauty brands representing women her age "in an honest way," so she made her own.

Naomi Watts Menopause
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Naomi Watts isn't shy when it comes to talking about menopause and everything that comes along with it (e.g., dehydrated skin and vaginal dryness). First, she shared her experience with going through menopause "earlier" than others in a vulnerable Instagram post, hinting that she was working on something she'd be able to share more details about later. Now, she's giving the scoop on Stripes, her new beauty brand targeting perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms, and getting real about aging in a recent interview with InStyle.

“It became clear to me that even though some brands were catering towards women of my age group, I didn’t feel like they were representing the women in an honest way, whether it was through their ad campaigns or just their general messaging,” Watts told the publication. “You would find 26-year-olds or 28-year-olds in their advertising, and that just seemed like a promise that we could never fulfill. And it actually makes you feel bad because you're not seeing yourself represented in that piece of storytelling.” 

That was a huge driver for Watts to create her own brand that actually represents what she and other women her age are going through. The products are focused on hair and body care, including a brightening moisturizer, a hair-thickening serum, and a hydrating vaginal gel. The Stripes website also features expert-backed information to help educate women going through perimenopause and menopause and build community.

“There is a point in time during perimenopause that you do feel like you're losing yourself, but I would like to see more information about how you do get yourself back,” said Watts. “And when you get yourself back, you are actually the most authentic version of yourself because you're not a victim to your hormones anymore.” 

ICYDK, menopause occurs when you go 12 consecutive months without a period. It's due to changing levels of estrogen and progesterone, which can also cause symptoms such as hot flashes, and vaginal dryness, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Perimenopause is a term used to describe the transitional time before menopause when menstrual changes begin, notes the Cleveland Clinic. Women may experience this as early as their mid-30s or as late as their mid-50s.

Both stages are a natural part of aging, yet they often feel like taboo subjects and are associated with shame. Watts has a different perspective on getting older, she explained to InStyle.

“Education and community are going to make you feel less alone and less like you're falling off a cliff," she said. "I want us to feel like this is a more vibrant time of our lives," the 54-year-old actress continued. "We want to feel our best. This is the better half of our life, and we should feel unapologetic about claiming this space as something that's uplifting.” 

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