You Can Now Stream Nike Training Club Workouts On Netflix

Learn all about the new partnership that will elevate your home fitness routine.

Nike Training Club On Netlflix
Courtesy of Netflix.

Turning on Netflix might signal to you that it's time to relax, but the streaming platform is changing things up. The same app where you binge your favorite TV shows and movies is now home to Nike Training Club workouts.

For the uninitiated, Nike Training Club is an app providing all kinds of workout videos and thoughtful programs for users to follow along with wherever they are. It has hundreds of free workouts across different fitness levels, including bodyweight training, yoga classes, and full-equipment exercises.

As part of a new collaboration, Netflix currently carries five Nike Training Club programs, each including multiple episodes (workouts). They're available on all Netflix plans in 10 languages with a range of workout types, lengths, and intensities. The new content tallies up to more than 30 hours of exercise sessions that will be released in two batches throughout 2023, according to a press release.

Right now, you can stream programs geared toward fitness basics, core strength, Vinyasa yoga, and high intensity training (HIT). Each program includes six to 13 episodes you can watch on your TV, laptop, or smartphone — so long as you've downloaded the Netflix app on your device.

First up is a program called "Kickstart Fitness with the Basics." It includes bodyweight strength training and aerobic exercises designed for beginners to do three times a week for one month, as outlined by a Netflix blog post.

There's also "Two Weeks to a Stronger Core," which is a series aimed at targeting core muscles through HIT, bodyweight drills, and yoga moves. As the name suggests, the videos are set up for users to complete in two weeks with three workouts a week.

"Fall in Love with Vinyasa Yoga" is a two-week Vinyasa yoga program requiring just a mat. ICYDK, vinyasa yoga is a style of yoga that involves flowing through a series of postures with breath tied to each movement. It's set to new age and hip-hop music for low-impact workouts taught by Brandon Collinsworth and Jonah Kest.

For something more intense, try "HIT & Strength with Tara." This month-long program led by instructor Tara Nicolas involves HIT and strength training you can do without equipment. Follow along to the moves while rap, dance, electronic, Afrobeat, and hip-up music plays in the background.

Lastly, "Feel-Good Fitness" offers total-body workouts you can do with dumbbells and resistance bands. Set to pop, electronic, and rap music, you'll do strength and mobility exercises three times a week for two weeks.

The content is customized for Netflix and features more than a dozen of Nike's certified trainers, including fan favorites such as Kirsty Godso and Betina Gozo. All of the workouts require little-to-no equipment and are focused on expanding access to fitness, according to a press release.

If you've been looking for a new way to explore different workouts and you already have a Netflix account, consider checking out the new Nike Training Club programs available on the streaming site. Just search "Nike" in the Netflix search bar to get started.

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