Amazon’s Best-Selling Hair Growth Brand Made a Postpartum Supplement, and New Moms Call It a ‘Must Have’

It “drastically” reduces shedding.

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This Celebrity-Loved Hair Growth Brand Made a Supplement That Shoppers with Postpartum Hair Loss Call a "Must Have"

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Of all the challenges that come after giving birth, one of the lesser talked about is postpartum hair loss. "Typically, each of our 100,000 scalp hairs has a unique and individual hair cycle,” dermatologist Shani Francis M.D. previously told Shape. "However, certain triggers” like hormonal changes “can synchronize hairs and reset the clocks to shed together." As a result, recently pregnant women often notice an excessive amount of shedding, and while extremely common, this issue can still be highly distressing.

A go-to for celebrities like Hilary Duff, Alyssa Milano, and Bethenny Frankel, Amazon’s best-selling hair growth supplement brand, Nutrafol, developed the Postpartum Hair Growth Nutraceutical. Encased in flavorless capsules, omega 3 fatty acids, and antioxidant-rich apple skin extract work together to decrease scalp inflammation and strengthen the structure of your stands. Meanwhile Shatavari (asparagus root), an Ayurvedic staple, and theanine manage stress, a common contributor to excessive shedding. Finally, biotin increases the rate of new hair growth in those who are deficient. (BTW: Shoppers with damaged hair saw significant results from both a $9 and $52 hair mask, but which is best for you?)

Nutrafol Postpartum Hair Growth Supplement | Clinically Effective for Visibly Thicker Hair & Less Shedding


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Reviewers going through postpartum hair loss say that taking this supplement has really helped. “I’ve been taking [this]for around three weeks and notice a huge difference,” wrote one initially skeptical Amazon shopper who now calls the treatment a “must have.” Another user dealing with a “distressing” amount of hair loss months after giving birth agreed that it only took three weeks to see fallout “drastically” reduce. “My bald patches are finally filling in,” noted a Sephora shopper who raved that they “cannot believe the difference that these pills have made” in regaining fullness. The supplements “have really helped me retain my hair, despite breastfeeding and continuously fluctuating hormones as I readjust to birth control,” they explained.

All of the transitions that come after pregnancy can (literally) go to your head, but adding nutrient-dense supplements like Nutrafol into your routine can tackle smaller issues like hair loss. Try a bottle for yourself from Nutrafol, Amazon, and Sephora for $88. 

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