70-Year-Old Shoppers Say This Growth Serum Took Their Lashes from ‘Non-Existent’ to ‘Full’

And it’s 40 percent off.

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Lash Growth Serum

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From mascara to extensions, there are dozens of ways to achieve longer, fuller looking lashes. The only downside of these instantly accentuating treatments is that their cost adds up — especially for those who have short, straight hairs. What’s more, these delicate hairs shed more easily with age, giving you less to work with over time. For this reason, so many shoppers have turned to a more long-term fix: eyelash growth serums.

Unfortunately, some of the most effective formulas can cost up to $70, which is why I’m constantly scanning Amazon for a deal. Most recently, I spied a 40  percent discount on the NYK1 Lashforce Serum — a steal considering that reviewers dub it a “game changer” for eyelashes. Developed to strengthen existing hairs and promote new growth, this formula centers on proteins which “stop lash breakage and help repair hair damage" and vitamin B to “strengthen hair roots, promote hair growth, and prevent premature hair loss,” dermatologist Michelle Henry, M.D. previously explained to Shape. The product is clear and lightweight, and even reviewers with sensitive eyes say they experience little to no redness or irritation after application. (BTW: Shoppers say this hair growth oil “works wonders” on thinning scalps, lashes, and brows — and it’s 50 percent off.)

AMAZING LashForce Eyelash Growth Serum


Buy It: NYK1 Lashforce Eyelash Growth Serum, $40 (was $70), amazon.com

Best of all, so many shoppers report seeing a difference within just one month of consistent use and “dramatic results” with just a few more weeks. It “really works,” raved a 66-year-old user who said their “short, thinning lashes” are “much longer” after eight weeks. Another reviewer in their 70s said their eyelashes went from being “virtually non-existent” to “lovely” and “full” thanks to the serum. A third even added that their hairs became “super prominent” in just three weeks. (Pssst: Shoppers with damaged hair swear by this $18 strengthening conditioner)

Whether you’re looking to prevent age-related shedding or protect your lashes from daily coats of mascara, a growth serum is totally worth it — especially when it’s majorly discounted. Shop the NYK1 Lashforce Serum while it’s still $40 on Amazon.

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