Oprah Took On ‘Steep’ Trails In These Waterproof Hiking Boots Shoppers Dub ‘Perfect’ for Slippery Terrain

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Oprah Took On ‘Steep’ Trails In These Waterproof Hiking Boots Shoppers Dub ‘Perfect’ for Slippery Terrain Lead
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Anyone who’s ever gone hiking knows that the shoes you wear can make or break the experience. "The biggest things to consider when you're choosing footwear for a hike is the type of terrain you'll be traveling on and the weight you'll be carrying in your pack," Karsyn Ansari, an outdoor gear expert for backcountry.com, previously told Shape. Sure, your regular sneakers might be fine for a short stroll on flat ground, but for long distances, rugged terrain, or trips with a heavy backpack, Ansari recommends “a mid-height hiking boot or full backpacking boot” with ample ankle support.

For a prime example, just turn to Oprah’s latest trip to Italy with besties including Gayle King. The talk show host documented their mountain hike along trails that looked hair-raisingly precipitous in an Instagram video posted last week. “We’ve been climbing for about 45 minutes,” Oprah explained. “It’s cold and it’s steep,” she confirmed. “It’s also rocky,” added King, who looked less than thrilled.

Luckily, Oprah took on the challenge wearing an ultra-supportive pair of hiking boots that, according to Zappos shoppers, “make every hike more enjoyable.” The boots in question? The Salomon Cross Hike Mid GTX 2s, which feature a stitch-free outer that repels any moisture it comes in contact with — a must for this muddy season. What’s more, cushioning around the tongue and sturdy collar keep your ankles secure, while more padding on the footbed provides a pillowy feeling with every step. Plus, these boots include quick-cinching closures that make it easy to put on the shoes fast and stay fastened more effectively than traditional laces. (BTW: Hikers say they can walk 10 miles in “extreme comfort’ in these on-sale trail sneakers.)

Salomon Cross Hike Mid GTX 2


Buy It: Salomon Cross Hike Mid GTX 2s, $180, zappos.com

“A couple of weeks into wearing [these boots], I don't want to take them off,” wrote a reviewer, who, like Oprah, purchased their pair for exploring the “icy” and “rocky” terrain of the Italian Alps. “They're light, so great for speed, and reduce fatigue,” they added. Another agreed that they’re notably lightweight, explaining that they feel “like a trail-runner but still provide ample ankle support.” A third raved that this pair is “perfect for rough or slippery terrain” thanks to their grippy treads. Plus, so many others added that these boots are comfy right out of the box.

If you'd prefer that your next hiking trip not include sprained ankles or sliding on slippery paths, these hiking shoes are your perfect travel companion. Shop them for $180 from Zappos to hit the trails with confidence.

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