I Replaced All My Volumizing Hair Products with This Detoxifying Shampoo from Kim Kardashian’s Hair Stylist

It cleans my scalp so well, my hair naturally lifts.

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Shape Certified: Ouai Detox Shampoo

Haven’t you heard? The early aughts are cool again — sort of. TikTok has taken an interest in certain early ‘00s fads: tiny sunglasses, cargo pants, and yes, even digital cameras. There are some trends that (hopefully) won’t make a comeback, like slicked-down side parts and front poofs. The naturally voluminous, glossy hair look is here to stay, and I’ve found that one of the best products to achieve it is Ouai’s Detox Shampoo.

Ouai is a haircare line created by Jen Atkin, a celebrity hairstylist known for regularly styling the Kardashian family’s hair. Given the fact that the Kardashians have been influencing beauty trends since KUWTK aired in 2007, it’s safe to say that Atkin has the ability to create looks (and, consequently, products) that withstand the test of time. I was able to test the brand’s Detox Shampoo a few months ago, and it gave me timelessly beautiful volume and the buildup-removing cleanse my oily, thinning hair needed.

Ouai Detox Shampoo Key Features

How I tested: For two to three months, I alternated between Ouai and my regular shampoo until I had finished the bottle. I washed my hair every other day, using Ouai about twice a week. 

Perfect for: Anyone with fine, thin hair who feels like their normal shampoo weighs down their hair or makes it look greasy, even post-wash. It’s also excellent for anyone who regularly uses dry shampoo or other products that would lead to buildup on the scalp.

What you’ll love: Its all-in-one ability to clean the scalp, add volume without weight, and create a shiny, glossy finish. It soothes irritated skin and reduces the appearance of flaky dandruff.

Keep in mind: It has a very potent musky scent that I initially found to be a little overwhelming. But on the flip side, a delicate, barely there fragrance remains even once the shampoo is washed out, giving you beautifully clean, fresh-smelling hair.

Key ingredients: Apple cider vinegar, tamarind seed extract, and chelating agents, all of which work together to clean and detoxify the scalp and leave hair feeling soft. 

Shape Certified: Ouai Detox Shampoo

Buy It: Ouai Detox Shampoo, $32, ulta.com

Ouai Detox Shampoo Review

A little background: My thinning hair does not do well in warm, humid weather. While everyone else is off having hot girl summers, I’m walking around looking like I once did as a Fall Out Boy concert-goer circa 2007. My hair easily gets sweaty, greasy, and makes me just as angsty as I was as a 14-year-old. So, the bottle of Ouai Detox Shampoo I was sent last summer couldn’t have come at a better time. But like I mentioned earlier, having thin, fine hair requires a certain level of trial and error (read: mostly error). I wasn’t about to make the mistake of outright ditching a tried-and-true product, so I decided to ease into using it by alternating between Ouai and my typical shampoo each wash.

When I first opened the cap, I was hit with a perfume-level strength musk scent. I’m typically sensitive to overly odorous cosmetics, so I was wary of overdoing it and only used a tiny amount at first. The dime-sized drop on my hand was enough work into a lather across my entire head (which, by the way, subdued the scent) and after working through my hair and rinsing, I was ready to see how it stood up post-shower. 

I dried my hair the same way I usually do, and even before my entire head was dry, I could see a subtle-but-definite increase in volume and a newfound silkiness that I usually only get from a trip to the salon. Anyone with fine hair knows that adding volumizing products can put you at risk of looking like you walked off the set of a Bumpit commercial (I’m confident this trend won’t come back). But this volume was the result of a healthy scalp and soft, clean hair that lifted thanks to its lightweight feel. 

While this may be a tougher scrub, its formula is soothing and non-irritating, which keeps my dandruff at bay. Though some oil-reducing shampoos can feel drying, Ouai Detox doesn’t dehydrate your scalp or make your strands feel brittle, so much so that I can ditch my other volumizing styling products when I use Ouai. TL;DR: It gives me volume and hydration without heaviness or drying. 

Personally, I’m not waiting until the summer to stock up on this shampoo, and I recommend you do the same. Shop the Ouai Detox Shampoo on Ulta.

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