Out There

Dare to adventure outside, and watch your body and mind reap all the benefits. Here, all the inspo and guidance you need to get out there and crush something new.

Get Outta Here

This Duo Is Preaching the Power of Healing Through Mindfulness In the Outdoors
Learn why Kenya and Michelle Jackson-Saulters, founders of The Outdoor Journal Tour, believe combining nature and meditation is the secret sauce of self-care.
The North Face Is Fighting for Equality In Outdoor Exploration with This Awesome Initiative
The brand wants everyone to have the opportunity to reset their lives through exploration.
GirlTrek Is Reclaiming Black Women's Health One Walk At a Time
T. Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison understand the power of being active together. From group walks in their neighborhoods to protests fighting injustice, GirlTrek members are using the power of activity to put themselves first.
This Woman Climbed the Seven Summits and Is Using Her Platform to Empower Young Girls
For this pioneering social activist, mountaineering made way for an even bigger goal: to empower girls' self-discovery
The One Trick I Used to Get Over My Crippling Fear of Scuba Diving
From near anxiety attack to zen, here's how I conquered my fears and became a diving regular.
The Suitcase Hotel Room Workout You Can Do Wherever Your Travels Take You
Who says you need weights to do some heavy lifting? This Tabata workout will give you the quick metabolism boost you'll need before you head to your next destination.
This Beach Workout Builds Serious Strength In the Sand
Take these cardio and strength exercises to the shore with a sand workout that doubles your fat-burn and firms every muscle in your body
Why Group Backpacking Trips Are the Best Experience for First-Timers
I came off the trail a full believer that group backpacking trips are the coolest and least-intimidating way to experience the backcountry for the first time.
9 Reasons Trail Running Is Different from Road Running
Read this before you transition from running on concrete or pavement to trails.

Know Before You Go

Is It Safe to Work Out In a Heat Wave?
You might be surprised by what experts have to say.
How to Tell If You Have Sun Poisoning...and What to Do Next
Here, the sun poisoning symptoms to look out for and how to treat it.

Gear Goodies

This Jacket Turns Into a Fanny Pack and It's Going to Blow Your Mind

I got about a dozen DMs within an hour after posting about this jacket to my IG Stories.