These Universally Flattering, Comfy Joggers Take Me from the Couch to the Dog Park

They’re a major upgrade over any sweatpants I’ve ever owned.

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Shape Certified: OV Leggings
Outdoor Voices.

Before getting a puppy, my life was different in a lot of ways. I never had a rapt audience watching me chop veggies for dinner, and I had a heck of a lot more space in my queen-size bed. And notably, sweatpants were a house-only clothing item that never saw unfiltered daylight outside of my condo. The pairs in my drawer had been on rotation for years, and TBH, they’d seen better days. 

But once I brought my pup home and found myself taking her outside at all hours of the day (and night), I decided it was time to upgrade my sweatpants to something I wasn’t embarrassed to be seen wearing. I ordered a pair of the Outdoor Voices CloudKnit Sweatpants — and promptly wore them for about three days straight. 

Outdoor Voices CloudKnit Sweatpants Key Features

How I tested: I wore these sweatpants in every scenario imaginable — from dog parks to morning coffee runs to lounging on the couch — several times a week.

Perfect for: People who want fitted sweatpants that don’t sacrifice comfort for style.

What you’ll love: The tapered leg offers an elevated look, and the Outdoor Voices CloudKnit collection offers long-sleeve shirts and hoodies if you want a matching set.

Keep in mind: These sweatpants are warmer than you’d think — you might overheat if you wear them during workouts.

Shape Certified: OV Leggings
Outdoor Voices.

Buy It: $88;

Outdoor Voices CloudKnit Sweatpants Review

The first thing that drew me to these sweats was the promise that this material feels like its namesake — a patchwork of clouds gently hugging your body. These sweatpants are, quite honestly, the softest pants in my closet. And even though they’re thin and lightweight, they’re much warmer than you’d expect — I regularly wear them for dog walks in the notorious Chicago winter. I wouldn’t wear them for a workout more strenuous than yoga, but for my daily dog walks, they’re just breathable enough. 

Once I actually tried on the CloudKnit Sweatpants, I was pleasantly surprised by the non-schlubby fit. The sweatpants I’m used to are baggy, shapeless, and loose to a fault. These sweats proved that it’s possible to blend comfort and a more streamlined look thanks to a slimmer fit that tapers at the calves and prevents the hems from dragging on the ground (something I struggle with as a shorter person). The waistband of these mid-rise sweats has a drawstring to further customize the fit. The result? I feel confident and put-together when wearing these elevated sweatpants — especially when I pair the sweats with a matching CloudKnit long-sleeve.

Even though I’m no longer taking my pup out around the clock, the Outdoor Voices CloudKnit Sweatpants are still a staple in my dog-mom wardrobe. The fit is way better than you’d expect from a pair of “sweatpants,” and I find myself reaching for the crazy-soft material again and again. 

Since wearing these pants leads to more couch snuggles and quality time with my dog, the CloudKnit Sweatpants have officially gotten her endorsement, too. You can shop them for $88 at Outdoor Voices.

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