See Paulina Porizkova's 'Unretouched, Unfiltered' Selfie

The supermodel celebrated the new year with an authentic Instagram post.

Paulina Porizkova
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Paulina Porizkova is ringing in the new year with an authentic selfie and perhaps most relatably: a hangover.

"First morning of 2023, unretouched, unfiltered, and with a slight hangover from a wonderful night with my closest friends and son," writes the 57-year-old author and supermodel in an Instagram post from New Year's Day. Along with a caption in which she reflects on 2022 and looks forward to what 2023 may hold, Porizkova shared an image of herself looking directly into the camera. Posing in a red top, she seemingly has no makeup on and her long hair is unstyled with messy waves framing her face.

"2022 began with me being immersed in writing my book and in my past," she writes. "It ended with the gratification of my book reaching you all, and your reactions to it," continues Porizkova, addressing her 964,000 Instagram followers. "Sandwiched in between, there was a new life: travel, modeling work as an older woman, and making new friends wherever I went. A beautiful and perfect blend of the new and the old."

Porizkova is referring to her new book, a collection of essays aptly called No Filter, which was released November 15, 2022. ICYMI, the supermodel has become outspoken on topics such as aging, self image, and mental health in recent years, often taking to Instagram to share her feelings as well as realistic photos of herself.

"I make a point of not using filters ever because that's kind of my thing," said Porizkova on a recent episode of Red Table Talk. "The amount of, like, 'Hey, grandma' that I hurts my ego a little bit," she continued. "But, at the same time, isn't that part of the beauty of becoming older? That we acquire more confidence because we know who we are. And we're a little easier with just telling people to piss off."

Looking ahead to 2023, Porizkova is hopeful to let go of the past, she explains in her recent Instagram post. "The unknown ahead is scary," she says. "So scary, that the pain of the past is preferable. This is what I want to conquer next. My fear of the unknown. To boldly go where I have never been before."

She wraps up her caption with a call to accept what's to come in the new year. "Here’s to embracing change," writes Porizkova. "Getting wiser, getting older, getting bolder."

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