October 15, 2009

I haven't been on a bike since I was about five years old, but last Saturday a friend invited me to go for a ride on the beach and I couldn't resist. I stopped by a rental shop in Malibu first and thought I would just pick out one in a color I liked. It turns out a lot has changed in cycling technology since I took the training wheels off my Strawberry Shortcake two-wheeler. Brian, the bicycle store employee, did a full-on assessment: asking questions about my height, weight, activity level, and the type of terrain I'd be riding on. After selecting my style, he adjusted the pedal height, seat width, and tilt of the handlebars. Finally, after I tried on three different helmets, I was ready to roll. I was nervous at first, but it really was "just like riding a bike." After a slightly wobbly start, I was cruising along the Pacific like a pro. I had the best time--and am now saving my pennies to buy a bike of my own.