A Loose Checklist Update

By Allie McKenna

Well SHAPEr's, let me tell you that February was a doozy! Not only did I have a romantic weekend away at a bed and breakfast with my husband-to-be, we continued our very low-key Valentine's Day tradition and I also came down with a wicked virus that I couldn't shake for a few weeks. I also "threw out my back" when going to pick up my cat on President's Day, spent the night in the ER and in bed for days there after.

But, it's still no excuse to not update you all with my wedding planning progress. The truth is, not much has changed. I did, go Bridesmaid dress shopping and found a few faves. More on that later. I did finally secure my photographer, meaning the paperwork is signed, sealed and delivered. Other than those two things, the planning process has been in a lull. I have an appointment with my fiance at Men's Wearhouse next weekend to get started on the boy's gear. I am trying to accomplish as much as possible in advance, after watching my friends and co-workers stress in the last few months I only want to have to worry about the little things.

I do have some FANTASTIC things lined up for you in the month of March. I have an exclusive interview with the Founder/Editor of Style Me Pretty, a pretty sweet Honeymoon story and the skinny on everything elopement.

All in all, I've been trying to soak it all in and relax as much as possible since February literally put me through the wringer. I was able to indulge in one of the best facials of my life (and that's no understatement) at Elizabeth Arden's Red Door Spa at the NYC Flagship. If you're ever in NYC, go see Greta, you will NOT be disappointed. I literally glowed for days after. I've never seen my skin so clean and clear. If I could sit in her chair every day, I would.

I'm on a strict spending limit lately, and coming up this month I'll let you know how you can save money on your wedding day without looking cheap. And not to forget, getting in SHAPE for my big day as well as the other three weddings I have this year, I've set up a cool feature with the trainers of Crunch gym to provide one signature move per week for our readers.

Again, lots to look forward to in the month of March and I can't wait to share it all!



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