July 14, 2009

This may sound strange, but I have a hard time judging how I look these days. I know I'm a lot smaller than I was last year, but since I'm not yet at my goal weight, so it's tough to tell where I fall on the continuum from skinny to fat. I thought about this recently when I signed up with eHarmony (it's been awhile since I've dated, so I thought the internet would be a great place to start). While filling out my profile form, I came upon the question, "On a scale of 1 to 10, with "1" being very thin and "10" being very fat, what size are you?" Honestly, I was stumped. The question made me realize just how subjective body image really is. I could have picked anything from a "6" (I've lost more than 50 pounds already!) to an "8" (I still have 30 to go). I finally settled on "7"-I'm a little bigger than I'd like, but not all that far from average. But even though I didn't choose a lower number, I'm definitely focusing on the weight I've lost rather than the amount I still need to shed. Doing so makes me feel a lot more confident, which will come in handy if I meet someone worth getting to know better.