Nurses Compare These Hoka Shoes to ‘Walking On a Cloud,’ Even After Standing All Day

Some say their 12-hour shifts “would not be possible” without them.

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Nurses Dub These Hoka Sneakers 'The Best Shoes' for Standing All Day
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National Nurses Week comes every May and serves as a reminder to give thanks to the medical professionals putting in hundreds of hours into saving lives — it isn’t easy work. On top of enduring high-stress situations, emotional labor, and burnout, the 8- to 16-hour shifts nurses endure are also physically taxing. For this reason, I consider hospital and clinic workers to be the ultimate experts when it comes to shoes that will support your joints and feet all day (or night). So many nurses cite Hoka as their go-to brand for hours of pain-free walking and standing,, specifically the wildly popular Hoka Rincon 3 Running Shoes.

Originally designed for high-intensity cardio and long-distance jogging, these sneakers feature a plush, shock-absorbing insole that’s ideal for standing on hard surfaces and fortified rubber outsoles that remain durable after months of wear — both musts for long hours on your feet at work. The angled toe and heel rock your feet forward with each step, allowing you to walk faster and more effortlessly. Plus, weighing just 6 ounces, these lace-ups feel notably lighter than other nurse-loved Hoka models, like the 9-ounce Bondi 8s and 10-ounce Gaviota 3s. However, despite their reduced weight, the Rincon 3s still pack in the same stabilized features and cushioned sensation the brand is known for. (BTW: Nurses say this pain relief cream eliminates “years” of foot and joint aches “in a few days.”)

Hoka Rincon 3


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Most importantly, so many nurses say these shoes provide lasting comfort. My “12-hour shifts would not be possible without my Hokas,” wrote one hospital worker who dubbed them “the best.” A fellow nurse and repeat-buyer purchased their second pair immediately after trying their first. They’re “the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn,” they raved, adding that they eliminate foot pain throughout the day and are “the perfect shoe for a nurse.” A third compared them to “walking on a cloud,” even after standing “all day.”

Comfort is a must for any profession, and these medical worker-loved sneakers are ideal for relieving pain and making walking enjoyable, no matter what the day ahead of you holds. Shop them for $125 from Zappos

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