By Cynthia Sass
January 12, 2011

Hi there. Whew, what a crazy week. I'm "on the road" to promote my new book Cinch! which I just found out will be #3 on the Jan 23rd New York Times best sellers list. THANK YOU to all of you who have supported me and the book!

I'll be going to lots of cities including LA, San Diego, Houston, Miami and Nashville and this week I've been to Dallas and Austin. I got stuck in Austin due to the big snow storm in the north east and I have to admit I've been loving the abundance of healthy, delicious Mexican food!

One of the mean ideas of the Cinch! plan, which I follow myself, is that you can follow it anywhere and here I am at Taco Cabana (one of my Texan hubby's favorite places, which he misses terribly since we live in NYC). I ordered a veggie build-your-own bowl with black beans, pico & guac (no cheese or sour cream), 2 homemade corn tortillas, chipotle salsa and unsweetened iced tea. It PERFECTLY fits the Cinch! plan and I didn't have to "count" anything (calories, points, grams, etc.).

Once you know what the 5 pieces of the puzzle are and how much of each one to eat, which becomes second nature within the first week, you can Cinch! yourself even at a place like Taco Cabana!

If you're curious about Cinch! check out the January issue of Shape, which features a month's worth of meals. You can also see them here.

OK at the Austin airport hoping to get home tonight. Wish me luck!



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