November 30, 2010

Holiday party season is here. Between cheese-and-cracker platters, artichoke and spinach dips, and assortment of cookies, there are hundreds of tempting calories at every turn. I want to maintain my weight through the next month (and forever!) so I've got a plan: I'm going to eat a light meal before each fete so I can stick to socializing rather than grazing. If I'm at a family gathering (which typically lasts for hours), I'll replace nibbling with other activities. So I'm thinking of bringing a ball and running around in the back yard with James Wilson, his cousin, and our puppy. If I do that-in addition to bringing a low-cal appetizer to share (shrimp cocktail is a big hit) and packing my sneakers for a post-dinner walk with my sister-in-law-I'll make it to the New Year without any extra baggage.


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