Shania Twain Wants to 'Start Enjoying Aging' and Wear a Bikini On the Beach

The 57-year-old singer opened up about aging and confidence in a new interview.

Shania Twain
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With new music on the horizon and a People's Choice Icon Award in hand, Shania Twain is feeling "revitalized" at 57 years old, she told Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager on an episode of Today with Hoda & Jenna.

The singer, like so many others, focused on self care and cultivating a positive mindset during the pandemic. For her, that led to writing the upbeat songs that now comprise her soon-to-be-released album Queen of Me.

"I wake up every day in the last few years really feeling a freedom I haven't felt before," she said during the recent interview. "And that is coming with acceptance that I cannot slow — for example — that I cannot slow the process of aging. That is out of my control, so I need to start enjoying aging and enjoying all that comes with that."

The "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!" singer is still working toward embracing all of herself, though. "I feel good about facing that kind of fear that I've had for I think all of my life when I really think about it, you know, the shyness about my flaws and trying to hide flaws."

"I was shy about wearing a bikini on the beach when I was younger," continued Twain later in the interview while speaking just with Kotb, who's also shared her thoughts on wearing a bikini in her 50s. "And I'm thinking, that was ridiculous, I gotta stop this nonsense and start wearing a bikini to the beach now even though I'm not my 20-year-old self."

This idea of overcoming shyness around perceived flaws is related to why the Grammy Award winner has been embracing nudity recently. In fact, she posed without clothes for the cover art for her single "Waking Up Dreaming," which was released in 2022. "I did a whole shoot as part of the album artwork where I'm completely nude, and it was really scary," she explained. "I don't really love my body, I don't love looking at my body in the mirror with the lights on — or looking in the mirror at all at my body, so I said, 'Listen, I'm gonna face that fear.'"

Although she was scared at first, Twain came away from the experience feeling good about herself. "I was petrified," she told Kotb. But once she decided to commit to the experience, that fear didn't hold her back. "It had to be vulnerable where I felt that I was facing a fear of being judged or being maybe even laughed at, being embarrassed, but it was only empowering. It was really fabulous."

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