Christmas is almost here, and whether you're one of those people who loves holiday cheer or you're counting down the days until it's all over, this last-minute survival guide provides everything you need to power through the week until the roast is eaten, the last present opened, and the lights have all come down.

1. Find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Have you left all your shopping to the last minute? (Don't worry, I do too). That's what online shopping is for! The editors at FitSugar put together your online shopping cheat sheet, so get ready to break out the credit card today. You can still have everything packed, wrapped, and shipped to you just in time to open on Christmas morning.

2. Try not to worry. Huffington Post Healthy Living put together a list of 25 things you just shouldn't fret over this holiday season. Worried about giving the same gift to multiple people? Unless they live in the same house, they'll never know! Don't feel like accepting every single holiday party invitation that comes your way? That's okay. Your elf on a shelf been a lazy Santa's helper this year? No sweat. Remember: Christmas comes every year, so if you don't get the perfect tree, prepare a pin-worthy meal, or make it through the season without arguing with your sweetie at least once about whose house you're spending Christmas morning at, don't worry-you have another shot at it next year!

3. Reduce your stress. If all the things you have to do before Tuesday has you hyperventilating, try putting a positive spin on your thinking. You'll be able to kick your holiday spirit into high gear in no time.

4. Make traveling easier. Seeing all your loved ones is wonderful (for the most part), but actually getting there can be a nightmare. Reduce your travel anxiety by checking into one of these top 10 hotels. The list, put together by the editors at, includes the hotels with the best amenities, decorations, shopping areas, and more.

5. Have fun. That's what the holidays are all about, after all. Add a little sparkle to your look, listen to some cheerful holiday tunes, bake some cookies, and enjoy the last days of the holiday season.