Happy Wednesday! You've made it through the majority of another week already, so you deserve to take a break and check out our five favorite health-related stories we're reading today.

1. Make your own Samoas. It's Girl Scout cookie season! But for those watching their weight or following a vegan diet, these delicious once-a-year treats are usually off-limits. Luckily the editors at PopSugar Fitness put together an egg- and dairy-free Samoa recipe that's just as tasty as the originals.

2. Prep for spring break. Whether your spring escape plans involve booze, besties, and the beach, or something a little more low-key, our friends at Greatist have devised 14 ways to help you make it a little fitter, healthier, and happier.

3. Stress less...without leaving your desk! It's important to keep stress in check, especially at the office. In fact, chronic work-related stress has been associated with an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and obesity, according to the editors of Huffington Post Healthy Living. So they put together a list of 11 simple ways to build in breaks during your workday that allow you to recharge, refocus, and get back on track.

4. Be smart about soda. One day before it was scheduled to go into effect, the New York state supreme court rejected New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposed ban on sugary drinks over 16 ounces. Now what? Top food and nutrition experts share what this means for you.

5. Work out once a week and still see results. We get it: You're busy! Sometimes you just don't make it to the gym. Enter the fat-frying, total-body workout circuit that helps you burn calories, build muscle, and preserve stamina. Only one caveat: you really better work!