Happy Wednesday! Between the events of the last week and a half, the never-ending winter weather, and another hectic work week, we think it's time for a little pick-me-up. So we rounded up the five funniest links we could find this week. We dare you not to laugh. (But really, you should: A little LOL could help flatten your belly.)

1. Canadian skiiers attempting a world-record simultaneous back-flip. Why are they doing this, you ask? A better question is, Why not? You can catch them in action here.

2. Hipsters going nuts over made-up bands at Coachella. I have no idea if this video is real or not, but it's hilarious.

3. Why going to the gym is a huge waste of time. But not for the reasons you think! As Buzzfeed says, just say no! We say, why not skip the gym and get outside instead?

4. A 14-year-old McDonald's hamburger. This is less funny and more gross, but a Utah man is supposedly in possession of the world's oldest hamburger, and it looks exactly the same now as it did more than 10 years ago. Sounds delish!

5. Thug Kitchen. The guys (or girls-the identities behind the blog's owners are kept super hush-hush) behind this hilarious new blog are hoping to verbally abuse people into "eating like they give a f#%*!." While the language is a little (okay, a lot) strong, the recipes and healthy living tips are spot-on.