August 26, 2009

I encourage experts to come in and teach Shape staffers whenever possible. Once we did a group fitness class, another time we had an eco-expert talk to us about sustainability; and just yesterday, we had meditation expert David "Harshada" Wagner (see pic) come in to take us through a guided meditation in our darkened conference room. It was pretty amazing that we could de-stress and calm our bodies and minds amidst deadlines, ringing phones, and just general office craziness. That's exactly what David teaches: you don't have to go to a mountaintop somewhere and stop all the thoughts in your head, he said. That's impractical, like "trying to stop yourself from breathing". His philosophy: You've got to make meditation work for you in your current life. His tips: find a semi-quiet place, dim the lights, sit in a chair where your feet can be flat on the floor (shoes off), put your hands on your lap. Slowly relax the muscles in your body from your forehead to your toes, breathing in and out as you go. That's it! If you can do this for about 15 minutes everyday, you'll be meditating at the most basic level!

One daily change: Quiet your mind every day, using the above tips, or download David's guided meditation CD from iTunes for $9.99. I just purchased it this morning and will be trying it this week. I can tell you that if his voice is as soothing as it was in our conference room, this CD will be my new go-to de-stressing tool!


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