Watch Shay Mitchell Use a Treadmill Like You've Never Seen Before

The actress shared a look at her workout routine with trainer Kira Stokes in a new video.

Shay Mitchell
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Shay Mitchell recently gave Vogue a glimpse into a typical day in her life. Along with packing lunch for her daughter, taking business meetings, and getting dressed up for a red carpet appearance, the Pretty Little Liars alum squeezed in a workout with celebrity trainer Kira Stokes.

In a video depicting Mitchell's day, Stokes walks Mitchell through three exercises. The first is a TRX suspension row. To complete the move, Mitchell stands in front of a TRX trainer that's attached to a cable machine and, while holding the handles in front of her chest, leans her body back and straightens her arms. Then, she bends her elbows and squeezes her shoulder blades together to pull her torso forward to meet her hands. Finally, she extends her arms to lower her body back to starting position. The exercise works the upper back, arm, and shoulder muscles. It also challenges your core to maintain proper form. (Psst: Jessica Alba is also a fan of this move.)

"We're always hunched forward, especially me carrying a baby and a toddler," says the mom of two while doing sets on the TRX machine. "It's nice to be able to focus on pushing your back muscles back," she continues, noting that it helps her posture while walking the carpet.

"Exactly, so you stand taller," adds Stokes. "We call this your posterior chain — your whole back body." ICYDK, the posterior chain refers to all the muscles on the backside of the body. Think: hamstrings, glutes, calves, and lats. You use the muscles in your posterior chain for many everyday movements, such as sitting down and picking something up off the ground, and keeping them strong helps prevent injury.

"You call it a posterior chain, I call it a better red carpet posture moment," jokes Mitchell in the Vogue video.

Next, the actress does single-leg deadlifts with a knee drive and an overhead press on a BOSU ball for a multitasking balancing exercise. "This is another one of my favorite moves," says Mitchell as she steps onto a BOSU ball with her right foot while holding dumbbells in each hand. "It takes a lot of balance, a lot of coordination. Something that, you know, maybe Marvel would hire in an actor."

Standing on her right foot, Mitchell lifts her left knee up, holding it front of her hips. She lowers the weights to her sides, then all the way down to the ground by hinging at her hips and lowering her torso toward the floor. Simultaneously, she straightens her left leg behind her body and raises it until it's in line with her hips. She returns to standing on her balancing leg and presses the dumbbells over her head and in line with her shoulders to complete a repetition.

The third exercise featured in the Vogue video is a bear crawl variation that utilizes the treadmill in an unusual way. Rather than standing on the belt for a jog, Mitchell gets on all fours with her hands resting on a short plyo box in front of the treadmill and her toes on the belt, her knees bent. While the treadmill remains off, Mitchell uses her strength to push the belt by taking small steps, using her arm, shoulder, and core muscles to stabilize her upper body as her legs move. It's clearly challenging for Mitchell as she and Stokes count down to the finish.

Check out the video below for a closer look at Mitchell's gym workout.

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