0.99 CT. TW. Gemstone Pendant Ruby 14K White Gold

Crafted in elegant white gold, this necklace showcases an extraordinary heart-cut ruby gemstone with an unmatched sheen. Surrounding this red heart are a halo of shimmering diamonds in a gorgeous infinity pattern. This necklace promises to bring a beautiful sparkle each time you wear it. A superb addition to your jewelry collection. What is special about rubies? A well-known gem regarded for its vibrant, fiery yet feminine hue, rubies are unique in that you can onlyies? A well-known gem regarded for its vibrant, fiery yet feminine hue, rubies are unique in that you can only find them in the color red. Styled with two out of the four main precious stones (and the two hardest gemstones)-diamonds and rubies-this ring is a luxury design that captivate friends and strangers. The stone is even appealing because it has sufficient hardness, durability and is more rare than other popular gems. Ruby is the most valuable of the corundum family-even more so than blue sapphires. What do rubies represent? Representing passion and power, rubies have been around for centuries and centuries, discovered before many other gemstones. Holding historic significance, the red gemstone was even mentioned in the bible and explained by Roman philosopher and writer Pliny one of his books. How are diamonds created? Diamonds are formed deep beneath the earth surface, created under intense pressure and brought to the surface by hot volcanic activity. What do diamonds symbolize? Diamonds have been admired by objects of desire since ancient times and have been adorned by women and men for centuries for many reasons. Believed by Ancient Romans & Greeks to be the tears of gods or pieces of falling stars, diamonds are also said to have influence beyond love. Diamonds are said to bring the wearer great strength, protection, and clarity. Worn as protection in battle, diamonds have been embellished throughout histories & cultures. When was heart shaped jewelry popularized? Heart shaped jewelry has been popular since the 15th and 16th century, though traces have been found of jewels containing the heart shape even during the middle ages. Gorgeous pieces of jewelry containing this pretty shape flood the market today. One of the most popular shapes, it is widely used as an expression of love. Where did the connection between hearts and love originate? Throughout centuries, heart shaped jewelry has taken on a variety of meanings. It gained popularity as a symbol of love during the reign of Queen Victoria. She herself wore a piece of jewelry with hearts representing each one of her children. What inspired this design? This design is inspired by a glorious morning sunrise. The delicate rose color of the ruby will bring a sunshine radiance while the surrounding diamonds illuminate its glow giving it a divine look and feel. A sparkling and luxurious addition to any jewelry collection. read more