This Is the Best Brush I've Ever Used on My Fine Hair—And It's Under $10 on Amazon

Unruly hair is a thing of the past with the Wet Brush. This upgraded version of a bristled brush features soft, natural bristles that never pull or tug, and it's helped me uncover a truly softer version of my fine hair.

Introducing the Wet Brush

After getting out of the shower, my unruly, fine hair used to be nearly impossible to comb through without snagging and creating split ends. Not only is my hair fine, but it's also damaged from one too many bleach and color treatment sessions. It would take everything from a pick, a brush, and a solid hair detangler to finally comb through my knotted locks. Despite having nearly pin-straight hair, I've struggled for years with an unmanageable, knotted mane—especially post-shower. Through trial and error, however, I finally found a foolproof solution to my knotty hair—the Wet Brush.

Aside from effectively detangling my hair, this under-$10 brush also comes in an array of signature, eye-catching colors that I'm absolutely obsessed with for a unique reason. The bright hues stand out among other beauty products, making it easy to quickly spot my Wet Brush in my packed bathroom drawer. Thanks to its vibrant color, I don't have to worry about misplacing it around my home, which I used to do with my old brush.

Instead of relying solely on natural boar's hair bristles (typically found in most paddle brushes), the Wet Brush also uses flexible IntelliFlex bristles, a bristle that's both flexible yet firm. I've found that this combination glides through my hair much more easily, eliminating potential breakage and damage. I even enjoy running it through my hair while I'm watching my favorite show.

Not only am I eliminating possible breakage, but my hair is actually getting stronger and healthier by using this holy grail of a brush. It works by moving natural oils from my scalp to the ends of my hair. Within weeks of use, my fine hair has become noticeably thicker and shinier without using any additional products. Plus, for anyone with curly or thick hair, one reviewer confirms it makes a great brush the whole family can use, saying, "from curly to straight and inbetween, this so called 'wet' brush indeed handles all hair and it's like brushing through hair with butter!" Now that I've finally found an affordable hairbrush that actually works on my fine locks, I'll never go back to plastic bristles again—and I can't stop raving about it to all my friends.

Wet Brush Shine Hair Brush ($8, usually $13;