These $6 Makeup Wipes Are My Secret to Avoiding Workout Breakouts

When I started getting acne from working out I knew I needed to find a solution fast. After doing some digging I found these makeup remover wipes and my pre-gym routine hasn't been the same since.

Collage of makeup products on a marble counter.

The Makeup Wipes I Swear By: Simple Kind To Skin Facial Wipes

A few facts about me: I was a swimmer in high school, I'm prone to breakouts, and I recently started a gym regimen—and I've stuck to it.

Add up those facts, and what do you get? A former high school athlete with a newly regular workout routine whose skin is easily affected by clogged pores. This is the first time I've consistently worked out since I graduated, so I've needed to learn how the workouts affect my acne-prone skin. As a former swimmer, I never had to worry about workout-related breakouts because my workout was, you know, in the water.

One thing I've learned so far is that my skin isn't a fan of breaking a sweat. Since I usually work out at night, I'll change into my gym clothes and not even think to take off that full face of long-wear makeup. The makeup and resulting sweat mix clog my pores and within a few days I've got myself a certifiable breakout.

Enter my new secret weapon: Simple Kind To Skin Facial Wipes. While most facial wipes are too harsh for my sensitive skin, these are perfectly soft and not too abrasive. They remove makeup easily without much rubbing on my part, they don't leave any sort of greasy residue, and they don't sap my face of moisture. Plus, they're full of vitamins, so I feel like they're good for my face while I'm being good to my body, too. The pack the towelettes come in isn't too bulky, making it easy to stick them in my gym bag and have the wipes ready to go when I need them.

And perhaps best of all—no more workout breakouts. I'll put in some extra reps for that.

Simple Kind To Skin Facial Wipes ($6;