These Under-$10 Body Washes Will Make Your Skin Feel Super Smooth

Obtaining soft, youthful skin doesn't have to break your budget. We researched and scoured reviews to find the best hydrating body washes Amazon has to offer. Featuring ingredients like nourishing vitamins and hydrating seaweed, these formulas are packed with moisturizing properties you and your skin will love.

OGX, Dove, and Aveeno body wash
Dove Deep-Moisture Body Wash from Amazon photo

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Dove Moisturizing Body Wash

A sulfate-free, simple formula, this Dove body wash has thousands of customers raving about their hydrated skin. They also love the pump design for ease of use—no fussing with a lid glued shut by gunky soap. It's already affordable, but with Amazon's subscribe and save deal you can save even more while ensuring you never run out with recurring delivery options. ($8, usually $12;

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OGX Extra Creamy + Coconut Miracle Oil Body Wash from Amazon photo

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OGX Ultra Moisture Body Wash

Another sulfate-free option (i.e. no harmful chemicals), this OGX body wash invigorates your senses with its creamy, tropical-scented formula. With extracts of vanilla bean, essence of tiare flower, and coconut oil, it smells delicious while also providing the hydration your skin craves. For extra velvety skin, follow up with the Miracle Oil Lotion ('s also less than $10). ($6;

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Aveeno body wash with soothing oat from Amazon photo

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Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash

Gentle enough for sensitive skin, this emollient-rich Aveeno body wash locks in moisture while you shower. It's lightly scented but doesn't contain any dyes or soaps so it's less likely to cause irritation. Plus, it's backed by dermatologists and over 2,000 five-star reviews. ($7;

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The Seaweed Bath Co. Wildly Natural Seaweed Body Wash from Amazon photo

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The Seaweed Bath Co. Natural Body Wash

Incorporating seaweed into your beauty routine comes with many benefits, and this body wash is a great first step. Containing over 65 vitamins and minerals, it's an all-natural way to keep skin looking (and feeling) radiant. Bonus: This particular brand emphasizes eco-friendly practices, sustainably harvesting bladderwrack seaweed—a type of algae seaweed with skin-nourishing properties—off the coast of Maine for a product you can feel extra good about using. (from $7;

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St. Ives Radiant Skin Body Wash in Pink Lemon and Mandarin Orange photo

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St. Ives Exfoliating Body Wash

In order to achieve smooth skin, exfoliation is a crucial component of any beauty routine. Enter St. Ives Radiant Body Wash. The all-natural formula uses extracts of mandarin orange and pink lemon to buff and polish, leaving behind soft, supple skin. Unlike other exfoliants, the natural ingredients create a gentle formula you can use every day without damaging delicate tissue. ($8;

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ArtNaturals Pure and Natural Body and Foot Wash from Amazon photo

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ArtNaturals Tea Tree Body Wash

When it comes to post-workout showers, standard soaps don't always cut it, but this body wash was created with athletes in mind. Its antifungal, antigerm, and antiseptic formula deodorizes, deep-cleans, and protects skin from potential bacterial infections. It also contains essential oils like tea tree, peppermint, and rosemary for extra hydration and a fresh scent for your post-gym routine. ($10, usually $12;

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